The Chrysler Turbine is incredibly rare; Only 55 were produced during its test runs, 46 of which were melted into scrap.[1]

The upside-down ketchup bottle earned its inventor Paul Brown $13 million.[1]

In the age of smartphones, it seems odd that doctors still use pagers.[1]

You know what's cool? A billion hours.[1]

The Air Force Research Laboratory created a super computer made from 1760 Sony PS3s!!![1]

Nearly half of all living rooms globally have four or more remotes.[1]

It's also wholly owned by 2 people only....[1]

Domino's has finally delivered its first pizza by robot.[1]

FAST has superior sensitivity to detect cosmic phenomena, including fast radio bursts and pulsars.[1]

Turns out this is a scientific truth that when one rotten apple is exposed to ones that are not it will cause the fruit to ripen faster and eventually rot.[1]

Can we go back to that?[1]

Morton Heilig patented the Telesphere Mask, which was the first head-mounted virtual reality display.[1]

Sony announced it has created a cassette tape that smashes a previous record for data storage. [1]

Initially, it was built to connect distant Japanese regions with Tokyo, the capital, to aid economic growth and development.[1]

Windows 95, its soothing ambient startup sound, created by Brian Eno.[1]

The world's first holographic protest took place in Spain.[1]

Yes, BackRub.[1]