A lot of horror movies used real dead bodies.[1]

'Down the hall and to the left,' Trump says before walking away. [1]

Because of their iconic stature, the ruby slippers are among the most valuable items of film memorabilia.[1]

It took 48 different pigs to play the role of babe.[1]

Netflix said it would use the space for 'special events, screenings, and theatrical releases of its films.'[1]

Danny Trejo might be one of Hollywood's most intimidating actors.[1]

U.S. adults took an average of 10.5 library trips in 2019.[1]

Bruce Bridgeman lived with a flat view of the world, until a trip to the cinema.[1]

It's a first for the magazine, which has never featured a cartoon character before.[1]

You know what's cool? A billion hours.[1]

Donald Trump inspired Biff.[1]

The 83-year-old British actor, whose real name was previously Maurice Micklewhite, adopted the stage name Michael Caine in 1954.[1]

Rapper Busta Rhymes voiced Reptar from Rugrats.[1]

Mike Myers' minor Shrek change cost Dreamworks $4m.[1]

It's also the first American film in which we hear a toilet being flushed.[1]

In 1982, Marvel ran a contest for writers and fans to explore new ideas for their comics.[1]

Mike Myers played both Austin Powers and Dr. Evil in the 'Austin Powers' trilogy. But Jim Carrey was supposed to co-star in the movie.[1]

When the producers figured out machine oil didn't look great on film, they swapped it out for chocolate syrup. [1]

His only film role.[1]

Long lost Hungarian masterpiece was accidentally found in the background of the movie Stewart Little.[1]