The diving reflex is a clever physiological mechanism enabling the body to manage and tolerate a lower level of oxygen.[1]

Weird WHO recommendation.[1]

Pigs are actually considered/found to be more intelligent than dogs and most other domestic animals.[1]

A botched colostomy reversal led to horrific results.[1]

Economic benefits of investing in water and sanitation are considerable.[1]

Many people pay large amounts of money to have it injected into their foreheads.[1]

Researchers found that dog ownership is associated with longer life, especially among heart attack and stroke survivors. [1]

Doctors think the tapeworm had been growing slowly ever since the man contracted it from eating undercooked pork in Mexico.[1]

The French philosophy on emergency medical care is to provide a higher level of care at the scene of the incident.[1]

Someone suffering from this disorder may find it extremely difficult to cope with day to day life.[1]

Building the hospital at the location where the meat putrefied the slowest.[1]

Body sugaring is one of the best methods for hair removal. [1]