The mystery fungus that 'mummified' an old Twinkie.[1]

The first prominent modern vegetarian was the Greek philosopher Pythagoras who lived towards the end of the 6th century BC.[1]

The Swiss say it's cruel and lobsters can sense pain.[1]

Leprino Foods is the world's largest maker of mozzarella cheese. [1]

I LOVED this cereal! It turned the milk pink![1]

The Art Of Living Long.[1]

If you put all the hamburgers Americans eat in a line, they would circle the earth more than 32 times.[1]

Why McDonald's french fries used to taste a lot better?[1]

America loves peanut butter. What’s more sacred than peanut butter?[1]

When punch-drunk ideas become products, some missteps are bound to happen.[1]

Cotton candy has different names around the world.[1]

Broccoli has been a food source since the Roman Empire, but it didn't gain popularity in America until the 1920s thanks to Italians.[1]

The chemical formula for sodium citrate even spells out 'nacho'.[1]

You've never actually eaten real wasabi, or at least not very often. [1]

More than 160,000 pints of Guinness are lost every year in facial hair.[1]

Nutella's parent company, Ferrero, is the world's biggest purchaser of hazelnuts.[1]

Tomatoes are considered a fruit or vegetable depending on context.[1]

That makes the rapper the composer of the fast food chain's longest-running marketing campaign in its 76-year history.[1]

When female servers draw a happy face on the bill, their tips increase by nearly 18%.[1]

Police in the German town of Bergisch Gladbach have been ordering takeaway McDonalds for inmates after a food supply contract fell through.[1]

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