The 11th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified.[1]


Captain William Dampier rescued British Sailor Alexander Selkirk after 52 months of being left on an island. Selkirk's story inspired Daniel Defoe to write 'Robinson Crusoe.'[1]


Kansas entered the Union, making it the 34th state to join the United States of America.[1]


The New York Evening Mirror published Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem 'The Raven.'[1]


Wolfgang Mozart's opera 'Idomeneo' premiered at the Cuvilliés Theatre in Munich, Germany.[1]


One of William Shakespeare's most acclaimed plays, 'Romeo & Juliet' was performed for the first time.[1]

Social Security Administration data shows the top names for babies born from 1920 to 2019.[1]

Many elderly Japanese are committing petty crimes in order to get free shelter and food.[1]

Man requests 'trial by combat' with Japanese swords to settle dispute with Iowa ex-wife.[1]

Buying a gun is a relatively speedy operation in most of the US.[1]

Army Regulation 70-28 was eventually rescinded, but it's clear that the tradition has continued.[1]

Wisconsin town to legalize snowball fights after 50-year ban.[1]