Underwater tunnel including jellyfish roundabout opens in Faroe isles on 19th December.[1]

Take a look at this incredible frozen wonderland.[1]

The British scientist filled the leather notebooks in 1837 after returning from his voyage on the HMS Beagle.[1]

A lot of horror movies used real dead bodies.[1]

A train driver in the Netherlands has had a lucky escape thanks to a fortuitously placed art installation.[1]

In fact, the ambiguous vocals made the recording the subject of a two-year-long FBI investigation.[1]

If play can only resume in empty stadiums, how can the atmosphere be improved?[1]

A 20-year-old Bangladesh woman who gave birth to her first child ended up having twins a month later.[1]

The thing people don't realize is pointe shoes are like 1 or 2 time use only. [1]

U.S. adults took an average of 10.5 library trips in 2019.[1]

Every year, thousands of romantics send letters addressed to Verona, Italy to 'Juliet.'[1]

Man requests 'trial by combat' with Japanese swords to settle dispute with Iowa ex-wife.[1]

The zipper company YKK produces everything in-house, including its zipper-manufacturing machines and shipping boxes.[1]

In reality, minifigs have been designed to allow air to pass through if lodged in a child's throat.[1]

Army Regulation 70-28 was eventually rescinded, but it's clear that the tradition has continued.[1]

Every year since 2005, a half marathon, marathon and a 100K run take place in Antarctica.[1]

It was made from 123,000 leftover blue crayons collected from kids around the nation.[1]

There are 300,000 items in the average American home.[1]

You can annul your marriage in Delaware if it was a dare. [1]

Snowfall is measured to the nearest tenth of an inch.[1]

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