Pigs can be trained to play video games with their snouts.[1]

Human drugs often end up washing from sewers into rivers, which can alter animals' natural behaviours.[1]

In 2011, scientists discovered that the rats lace their fur with a deadly poison.[1]

Escobar's pet hippos were left behind when his private zoo closed, and they've flourished in the decades after his death.[1]

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, has a peculiar tradition of electing canine candidates.[1]

The grizzly bears' strategy could help prevent muscle atrophy in humans as well.[1]

The Swiss say it's cruel and lobsters can sense pain.[1]

Octopuses can sometimes suffer from autophagy, or self-cannibalism.[1]

The nymphs, called spittlebugs, make the foam, although it isn't actually spittle.[1]

Cuba's extinct giant owl, Ornimegalonyx, was the largest owl that ever lived.[1]

It took 48 different pigs to play the role of babe.[1]

Coming in many shapes, colors, and sizes, strange mouth markings might aid in chick survival.[1]

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