Moving to Colorado is the male version of getting bangs.
IdahoBones / Via twitter.com

I nominate 10 guys to act right.
babyyjewel / Via twitter.com

To anyone spending their quarantine thinking about men, you are already sick.
jovandemic / Via twitter.com

Something about a man having an opinion just doesn’t sit right with me.
alechavezrc / Via twitter.com

What are men doing during all this extra free time? Reflecting on their actions I hope.
garrcie / Via twitter.com

All men do is reply with “?”
delkeatt / Via twitter.com

On the bright side the only guys getting laid rn are the ones who had the good sense to man up and commit.
danadonly / Via twitter.com

Guys in organized sports think getting terrible haircuts as a team is the pinnacle of bonding.
evefingdonnelly / Via twitter.com

Men are having a hard time social distancing because they’ve lied so much about their height they don’t actually know what 6 feet looks like.
marcellacomedy / Via twitter.com

Most white guy comedy is like “i’m actually so boring it’s interesting”
danadonly / Via twitter.com

Tell a white dude you haven’t seen Step Brothers and he looks at you like you committed war crimes.
chaselyons / Via twitter.com

Sometimes a girl will have such an ugly boyfriend that i’m like oh ur like STRAIGHT straight
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[opening Instagram]
Who of my male friends must I watch play guitar today?
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