Me: my brother is so annoying.
Someone else: your brother is annoying.
Me: Erm. Excuse me?!?! He is not!
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HR at my work just called me and I thought I was in trouble for something but they just let me know my 11-year-old sister has been commenting on their instagram every day telling them to give me a raise.
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I come home to this. My brother saved me the last chocolate iced donut. That’s what’s up little bro.
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My little sister just caught me crying and she said “do you do this a lot at college? there are people you can talk to about that” and then kinda smiled and said “but not me, I’m tired. goodnight”
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My brother used to rap. He saved money and bought the equipments required. My parents never agreed with him being a rapper. So he recorded his songs in his room while I kept a check on the door in case one of my parents was coming upstairs.
We still laugh remembering about it sometimes.
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I was probably around 17-18 and had my own car, I ended up behind the school bus that my brother was on.
He looked out the back window and saw it was me and I saw him excitedly motion to his buddies and mouth the words that his sister was behind the bus. Instead of being too cool or doing obnoxious gestures, they all waved and tried to do all kinds of things to make me laugh.
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My mom had this set of 3 glass candle holders that she ADORED.
My brother and I were playing and one of us kicked a ball directly into them, splitting one right down the middle. We rearranged them and one of us did the dusting every week so she wouldn’t find out.
The ruse lasted 8 years.
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My brother was in a car wreck when he was 15.
He says he doesn’t remember leaving school, getting in the car, the crash or anything until he woke up well after the surgery.
Except that he remembers me asking about his underwear.

My brother and I would regularly eat all the ice cream, buy a new one, and then eat it back to where it was.
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My sister had written an A-grade paper about my birth being the most pivotal moment of her life. There were some post-exam questions she had to answer, and one of them mentioned being sad that “my sister could never read this essay and know how important she is to me.”
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My little brother saved me the cookie from his lunch at school today, gave it to me when he got home and he was so excited to give it to me.
That’s going to make it taste a million times better.
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I was put in a psych ward for teens that typically lasted for a week to a month.
My brother drove in to visit me every day.
On the 21st, his birthday, I moped around the hospital all day, until I saw him walk in, get me and take me into the play room, where everyone was waiting, and there was a cake and balloons and all his presents, and we celebrated it together. I cried. A lot.
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30 years ago today my sister saved my life. She was training to be a nurse & came home for a few days and spotted the signs of diabetes.
Thanks to her I avoided DKA and a coma.
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I was about 4 and my brother was 14. We were at a hardware store and bored out of our minds.
So, my brother lifts me up and sits me on his shoulders. He then brought up his hands and had me grab onto his thumbs.
For the next hour and a half he was a big robot and I was the pilot.

I’m almost 12 years older than my brother.
Once when he was 3 or 4, I was with him while he was playing outside, supervising and being a fun big sis. Then he started running on the concrete part of our backyard and fell and scraped the the left side of his precious face. It was so sad. I felt horrible he was hurt on my watch. I told him it was okay and took him inside and asked my mom to clean him up, then I went to my room and just wept. That was the day I realized how much I cared for my baby brother.

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