7-Eleven Gives Customers 'The Finger'
oureverydaylife.com, Tiny Fox Lab

On April Fool’s day in 2008, The Nestle Corporation played an April fool’s Day prank on consumers. They announced that the name “Butterfinger” had been retired and that the new name “The Finger” was in effect immediately. To back up the claim the store 7-Eleven gave away free Butterfinger bars wrapped in “The Finger” wrappers to 200,000 people.Tiny Fox Lab Facts

Preview photo credit: oureverydaylife.com
Source: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20080401006597/en/BUTTERFINGER-R-Name-Change-an-April-Fools-Day-Prank-to-Celebrate-Launch-of-New-Butterfinger-Comedy-Network-on-Yahoo%21