#1 This troubling change in power:

thebootydiaries / Via tumblr.com

#2 This troubling proposition:

gooeyshark, dumbledoreismyhubby / Via tumblr.com

#3 I don’t remember this part of Jimmy Neutron.

miss-eggplant / Via tumblr.com

#4 This strangely accurate point:

fu*kyeahanarchistposters / Via tumblr.com

#5 This strange response:

grantairefanclub-remade, may / Via tumblr.com

#6 This disturbing mental picture:

anything-canbe / Via tumblr.com

#7 Don’t tell me you didn’t sing this in your head.

dawngrl, buckyflippingbarnes / Via tumblr.com

#8 This information that I’m really not sure what to do with:

oprah-winefreak / Via tumblr.com

#9 This frightening proposition:

ostolero / Via tumblr.com

#10 This phrase that’s sure to get stuck in your head:

dumbledoreismyhubby / Via tumblr.com

#11 This throwback:

grawly, thebootydiaries / Via tumblr.com

#12 This odd but true statement:

bebroom, thebootydiaries / Via tumblr.com

#13 This proclamation, which makes you go “huh”:

speedlimit15, zac-afron / Via tumblr.com

#14 This confusing revelation:

glassspitter, oprah-winefreak / Via tumblr.com

#15 This Christian version of the “Cha-Cha Slide.”

schmergo, zac-afron / Via tumblr.com

#16 This photo series without a clear point:

goodsprings, dumbledoreismyhubby / Via tumblr.com

#17 This ominous proclamation:

not-the-real-norbert-hofer / Via tumblr.com

#18 These absolute jams:


And finally, this post that raises more questions than it answers:


Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: fu*kyeahanarchistposters / tumblr.com