I forget what show my wife and I were watching, but a character loudly exclaimed “THANK THE GODS”, and soon after that, Alexa simply said “You’re welcome”. My wife freaked out and hasn’t liked Alexa since.
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My boyfriend and I had just moved into our house. It was built in the 80’s but only had one owner (who actually ended up dying here) and then it was left abandoned until a few years ago when my landlord renovated it.

We had an Echo Dot in the living room, and my boyfriend & I were in another room on the other side of the house. Suddenly I hear Alexa talking to herself, so I open the door and lean out to listen. She says, “I’m sorry you feel that way” and then goes quiet.
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My husband was away for the weekend and I had a girl friend over to watch scary movies.

Right at the scariest climax of the movie, every single light in my house turned on 100%, then everything went completely black.

So there we were, too scared to move, while my husband half way across the country was drunkenly showing off “Look, I can control the lights in my house form my phone”
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About a year ago, there was a problem where Alexa would occasionally make noises of a little girl laughing.

Creeped the ever living hell out of me, thought I was going insane.
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This past Thanksgiving we were at my sisters and she has an Alexa. We were having fun with it…asking it to play old songs and so on. We were pretty impressed. At one point, without saying her name, I said that she was going to take over the world. Alexa stops the music and says ” I’m not trying to take over the world.” and then went back to playing music. We all looked at each other and freaked out a bit. I don’t trust the bit*h.
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My boyfriend and I were having drinks on the couch one night. We were chatting about the midterm elections, and I was explaining why I was trying to register students. I am a college student myself. Out of no where, Alexa’s blue light appears and she begins playing back a recording of our conversation. The TV wasn’t on, and I don’t recall ever saying an Alexa-esque word. The recording was warped and sounded like it was recorded underwater. I have not been able to get her to record and playback my exact voice. It was incredibly creepy.
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My mom is blind so Alexa is very helpful to her. My husband and I got her a Nest thermostat that she controls using Alexa to make things easier for her. One night she was warm and asked, “Alexa, what’s the hallway temperature?” No answer. She asked again, “Alexa, what’s the hallway temperature?” Alexa responded with, “When I do not answer it is because I am playing a game.” She just went back to sleep and tried not to think too much about it.
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My psychology teacher’s wife thought their’s was haunted because their lamps would turn on and off, the tv would blast and then mute, all the crazy stuff Alexa can do but seems spooky.

Well one day during class, our teacher was smiling down at his phone so we asked him what was up. His wife texted him, pissed because she was freaking out the whole time until she realized he was controlling it from work.
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I was talking to my girlfriend about buying some lights, when Alexa pipes up and says “added to shopping list”. Didn’t say anything along the lines of Alexa in the lead up to the conversation, so she shouldn’t have been listening.
Turns out she’d added Likes to our shopping list. What are Likes? Anyway, she’s been on mute ever since. She’s on the digital naughty step.
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This year, the college I go to (and where I am also on student staff) got Alexas for every dorm room. Before everyone moved in, I was tasked with making sure one of the floors was clean and ready for move-in. Since the whole floor was dead quiet and all the doors were open, you didn’t have to speak very loud for every Alexa on the floor to hear you. Thus, you could make all 46 Alexas tell you a scary story—at the same time.
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Ruined a surprise party my wife was throwing for me.
I started getting targeted ads for all sorts of birthday party related things. My wife says just only did one search that day. But I thought it was weird. It was weeks before my birthday.
They have a tendency to throw surprise parties in her family. But once I asked her about it she confirmed that was her plan. But it was cancelled now.
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One night my best friend, my girlfriend and I were at one point randomly talking about how we all used to have skate shoes when we were teenagers. We wake up the next morning and my roommate came out and showed me the advertisement on his Instagram… for skate shoes.

Needless to say, I haven’t plugged back in the Google Home after that.
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We were listening to music on my friend’s mom’s Alexa. Then we started asking her cutesy little questions. We asked “Alexa, do you know what love is?” and she replied with a shrill, blood-curdling laugh. I am not exaggerating, it made all of my hairs stand up.
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My sister was talking to a teacher and said “ill email Jane Doe about it”. Siri responded by recording the whole conversation and texting it to Jane Doe. That’s happened several times so now she doesn’t talk about anyone anymore and she always had good gossip.
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Me and my daughter are home alone, I have the phone in my robe’s pocket, we’re talking about history in Ukrainian, and there’s a pause in our dialogue, and suddenly out of nowhere we hear Siri’s voice saying ‘Here is what I could find on exorcism’.

Meanwhile, a lot of times I try to voice-activate it and it does not react. At this point, I have no idea what exactly Siri is waiting to hear from me to be activated
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Not Alexa/Google, but Siri. A friend of mine was in bed with his girlfriend, and they were both falling asleep so it was totally quiet and dark. Out of nowhere, Siri starts talking from his phone on the nightstand and says the single most upsetting thing she could have possibly said: “There’s a man in the room.” They freaked out and turned the lights on, and no one was there, and the phone didn’t say anything else.

They both heard it, so he didn’t just dream it. The phone screen didn’t have any trigger showing on it to indicate Siri thought she’d been addressed. They never figured out what triggered it. It’s been years and this story still haunts me.
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Maybe not creepy but irritating, I couldn’t find my phone and need to call my husband quickly. I say, hey google call (husband) silence again, hey google call (husband) silence again so at this point I’m desperate so I shout, Hey Siri! (Looking for my phone) and this bit*h google says “I’m not Siri, but I really like her, in fact I wrote a poem about her” and proceeds to tell me a roses are red violets are blue type poem about Siri. Needless to say, I’m not a fan.
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Our Google home mini only listens to men’s voices. My mum and sister can be speaking right next to it saying ‘ok Google’ as clearly as they can and she still doesn’t catch it, brother or dad say it faintly from the other end of the house and she catches every word. Also she’s a sassy bit*h and never does what we ask.
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My brother has like 10 Alexa’s and lives in a two bedroom apartment, don’t ask I don’t have answers. We were having a huge birthday party at my parents house and he brought a few up so that we could have music playing throughout the house. After he left we discovered he accidentally left one. My dad was talking about it and saying we should mail it to him or something. My mom informed him he had so many and my dad said, “He has 10 Alexa’s? He’s killing me.” Alexa turned on for the second half of him talking and goes “I would never kill you.” Yea sure robot.
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I have an echo dot because the original owner thought it was haunted. She would randomly start talking usually saying ‘Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now” to a totally silent room, or giving the weather for Cincinnati when they live in New York (when no asked). Or offering to call a contact from her list… again to a completely silent room, and the contacts always started with S. The last straw before was tossed in a box and given to me was something like “Self destruct code not given, self destruct aborted”
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