#1 Birthday wishes: mom vs dad.

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#2 Playing with your mom vs playing with your dad.

Holofan4life / Via reddit.com

#3 Not mastered walking yet but flying? Nailed it.

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#4 “Fell asleep on my shoulders.”


#5 This dad…

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#6 When he loves his newborn babies, but he also needs to play.

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#7 My wife took the toddler and left me with the baby yesterday morning. She’s a worrywart and I love photoshop. Lesson learned; don’t reply with just a photoshopped picture when she asks how things are going with the baby.

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#8 The difference between moms and dads.

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#9 Just being a dad.

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#10 The clarification dad.

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#11 Shopping wildly with your dad.

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#12 “My attempt at babysitting.”

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#13 My favourite picture of my Dad and I. The expression on my Mom’s face was probably a lot different than my Dad’s.

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#14 Some friends took a picture and later realized that the people in the background were stuffing a baby in a cannon.

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#15 Fatherhood…

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