#1 The best hotel hacks.

rklau / Via twitter.com

#2 This 9-year-old was smarter than I have been or ever will be.

valeriehahn / Via twitter.com

#3 When you want to sleep during class.

Bamtastic1uncle / Via imgur.com

#4 This guy ironed his shirt with the steam. Genius idea!

lilcheap2 / Via reddit.com

#5 This kid.

BridgetOnTV / Via twitter.com

#6 On percentages.

DavidJuurlink / Via twitter.com

#7 Guy at coffee shop shows off his solution to the $999 Apple stand.

JakesFriendsBrother / Via reddit.com

#8 This kid, who knows a few intimidation tactics.

katiecandraw / Via twitter.com

#9 This mom walks around by putting a baby wipe under each foot and skating around to keep the house clean.

scarymum / Via reddit.com

#10 This kid who made their own force field with Legos:

Six_Pack_Mom / Via twitter.com

#11 This guy skyped his boiling water to check if it was done.

itoa5t / Via reddit.com

#12 Always forgetting whether or not you took your daily pill? Mark each pill on the packaging with the date and time it should be consumed.

Ariyverd / Via reddit.com

#13 My local dentist has a ceiling “Where’s Wally?” for patients during appointments.

mtmannion / Via reddit.com

#14 The laziest thing imaginable.

calltaflighter / Via twitter.com

#15 When you don’t have a suit but need one.

urs_sarcastically / Via reddit.com

#16 Hide some cash in your phone case if you forget your wallet often.

ExperimentalFun7 / Via reddit.com

#17 This lazy beggar found the easiest way to earn money.

cuntsparkle / Via imgur.com

#18 sink hack.

voy_conlag_mental / Via reddit.com

#19 How I discovered my wife and her co-workers were in a Fitbit activity contest.

Jmersh / Via reddit.com

#20 This dad who played hide-and-seek with his child so he could get things done.

daddydoinwork / Via twitter.com

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