Reddit user IBringTheGinger created a post, asking Europeans to list the problems that are too American for them to understand.

And here’s some of the best ones!

Why doesn’t the guy with the most votes just win the election?
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The lack of maternity rights and maternity leave.
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The confusing Imperial measurements system and US customary units.
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I’m too European to understand how swearing and curse words are such a big deal in movies and songs, but violence and guns are taken with a grain of salt.
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Kim Kardashian.
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Paying for an ambulance. Seriously, like wtf?
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Why tipping is considered part of someone’s paycheck.
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I don’t understand the concept of punching holes in the wall. If you tried that here in Ireland, you’d just break your hand.
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21 Drinking age like what you can vote , go join the army , get married , have children and drive but you’re too immature to drink ???!!???!
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The American Dream. Basically every other developed county is living the ‘American Dream’ while Americans really just think they are, but if you describe the way their country works to someone it sounds like you’re describing a third world country.
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You have $4.50 in your pocket. The fancy drink is advertised at $3.99. Do you have enough money to buy it? Dunno!
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Why the big amount of flat-earth and antivax people?? Is your education system not doing well??
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People going bankrupt for getting sick. Stupidly expensive “education”. Gun control. No repercussion for police brutality.
Why are you paying taxes for?
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Not being able to afford to study
Not being able to afford to pay medical bills
Not being able to afford school lunch
Not being able to have schools without security guards
Not being able to drink water straight from the tap
Not being able to walk because you are morbidly obese
toddlers involved in politics
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Their obsession with celebrities, media and “perfect” looks. How often do I read comments from Americans saying:”Bad European teeth“ while in reality they are totally healthy, just aren’t bleached.
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The idolization of politicians. They are public servants, similar to a courthouse clerk or a city hall coordinator. They are not rock stars. You don’t need to scream their name, buy their merch, fully commit your life to them and believe everything they say. Just… treat them like public servants. Sure, they get power and position but hold them accountable when they abuse it. Don’t let corporations and politicians take over, the political system is created by the people, FOR the people. It just… boggles the mind.
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