#1 Hooman seat comes with kitten compartment.

downriverrowing / Via reddit.com

#2 My boyfriend and dog when they play a video game.

shangram / Via reddit.com

#3 Master, you’d better go to work.

drunktwi / Via twitter.com

#4 How can you get any work done at all at this humane society.

karmaboy20 / Via reddit.com

#5 Sorry, but this seat is taken.

Birbs / Via facebook.com

#6 Why do we buy expensive cat beds if they always lie on their owners anyway?

cats_small_ / Via instagram.com

#7 This is the place to develop a plan of how to enslave humanity.

Paulvpm / Via pikabu.ru

#8 Bought my son a little camping chair today. He was sitting in it, ten seconds later I hear him crying and I look over and this is what I see.

Lokeno / Via reddit.com

#9 He is very thankful for the pic and doing his best.

EverythingTittysBoii / Via reddit.com

#10 They do this every day at the same time.

111ruberducky / Via reddit.com

#11 My boyfriend bought our cat a couch.

Potatojazzy / Via reddit.com

#12 This is better than any other bed.

TheEllenShow / Via twitter.com

#13 Mood: Monday.

dora_me0416 / Via instagram.com

#14 No DNA test needed.

Eh_WhatsUpDoc / Via reddit.com

#15 She was sitting like this when we first saw her at the pound.. It was an obvious choice.

PuffPuffPass77 / Via reddit.com

#16 My cat’s kitten climbed up my shoulder, buried her head into my hair and fell asleep. My shoulders are stiff but it’s a small price to pay.

nicole-tesla / Via reddit.com

Preview photo credit: karmaboy20 / reddit.com, TheEllenShow / twitter.com