Men are like “im sorry if me dating you made you think that I want to date you”
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Straight girls are like “yeah the guy i’m dating is really mean to me but maybe it’s my fault bc i’m not a great communicator and i never directly told him i wanted him to be nice to me”
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men be like, “the last thing i ever want to do is hurt u………………but its still on my list”
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she’s not playing hard to get you’re just a republican
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Guy I’m hooking up with: stop telling your friends about us
Me to my friends: anyway then he referred to us as “us”
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guys be havin 25 roommates and want u to come over im staying home brockhampton
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Men are gonna gaslight u and make u seem crazy no matter what so you may as well just go ahead and be a psycho bit*h and have some fun with it
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It’s crazy how much id walk outside if men weren’t.
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55k words into my manuscript and I’ve just realized I have two separate characters named Matt. I’m keeping it in there because 70% of men really are named Matt and I’m all about realism.
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LMAO imagine arguing with a man about how you want to be treated when you could just replace him with somebody who treats you the way you want to be treated bc men are disposable
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