I just got the cops called on me for getting a soda in a water cup.
JosephButcher22 / Via twitter.com

So this cop literally just called me out for getting soda in my water cup and made me pour it out and leave why is this my life.
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RedmonSteffanie / Via twitter.com

So I’m getting food and the guy next to me asked for a water cup and got a soda. Police are now arresting him I am dead serious omg.
katieaustin / Via twitter.com

They called the police on me all I did was put the sprite in a water cup smh
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JessMcCadden / Via twitter.com

I really just got yelled at by a cop because I put coke in a water cup… there’s actual criminals that could be getting arrested.
aaron_mc22 / Via twitter.com

wow, they really just called the cops on a guy that poured soda in his water cup “he’s like you’re going to jail mister”
bryrosaa / Via twitter.com

Im at Mcdonald’s and this guy bought a water cup but put dr.pepper in it.. the employee called the cops and they arrested him for “stealing”
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SeanDickson4 / Via twitter.com

Last night McDonald’s called the cops on me becuz I put some sprite in a water cup
CobbNoelle / Via twitter.com

Well I just witness a Burger King employee call the police over a guy who took soda in a water cup.
TheBenSalem / Via twitter.com

Yo I’m at panda and they just called the cops for this guy getting soda in a water cup.
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thrillathechase / Via twitter.com

I put lemonade in my water cup at chipotle & this police officer saw me & made me dump it out and get water. IM NEVER BEING A REBEL AGAIN
allyduffy / Via twitter.com

Lol this morning I watched a McDonald’s employee call the cops because a guy filled a water cup with soda.
colton_paps_ / Via twitter.com

Police officer just stopped in front of me in Subway and said “That’s some awfully blue water for a water cup.” Then I replied “It sure is.”
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