Recently, twitter user @exfatalist asked “what was something about aging you always thought was a trope but turned out to be true?”

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In this thread on Twitter, people are revealing that while not all the ominous warnings they heard about aging are true, there are some of them that are, and they start early.

You really do care less about what other people think you as you get older. It’s rather wonderful.
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The 90s were 10 years ago and that’s never going to change.
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- Getting mad when the grocery store rearranges their layout.

- Getting excited over new cleaning tools/gadgets.

- Turning down the volume on the car radio when I need to see where I’m going.
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A lot of modern music sounds weird/horrible. Being young and loving music I always said I would keep up with music trends as I got older. But no. I can’t abide 85% of what I hear to be honest; and am still wedded to the music of my youth.
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I was sleeping, why does my body hurt?
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I remember being told “enjoy the clubs now because one day you won’t want to leave the house after 10pm”

Me (at 25) That’s lame! I’ll never stay in watching tv

Me (at 40) Netflix! Hulu! DVR! I’m staying up til 3am still, but I’m in my pjs with a hot chocolate
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How fast a year would feel. It’s so bizarre. My mom used to always say “it’ll be next Christmas before we know it.” And I was like “you’re goddamn nuts, woman, that will take forever.” Now it’s like I look away for five minutes and it’s next month. I hate this!
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Watching history repeat and feeling helpless to do anything about it.
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People half your age .dressing the way you did 30 years ago only now it’s vintage
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When socks are no longer an unwelcome Christmas present.
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There is no point where you’re suddenly a “grown up”.

You just one day find yourself older with more bills, unearned backache and no clue how you’re fooling people?!
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Chin hair gets braver with time.
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Not being able to bounce back after doing something less than healthy.

Me at 16: *eat two whole cheesesteaks and most of the fries for lunch, feel normal by dinner*

Me at 32: *eat a cheesesteak and some fries for lunch, dead by 3pm*
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Eye sight dropping off a cliff

Suddenly being the old person who talks to young people and seeing ” urgh why is he talking to us look”

Young people in tech stores assuming I’m an idiot.

Being grumpy a lot.
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Waking up way too early and just … being awake for the day because you can’t fall back asleep. What even is that.
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Trying hard not to be one of those people who dismisses anyone young on principle, but still instinctively thinking “but he’s about 12!” when you see someone under 28 in any position of responsibility.
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As a kid I thought it was crazy my dad didn’t automatically know his age. Now I have to do complex mathematics across a century every time someone asks me how old I am.
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How your body changes. Aches and pains, but also it just becomes foreign with time. New food intolerances, new sleep patterns, new shapes to your legs and hips, etc.

Thankfully, you also stop caring about a lot of things that don’t matter, many of which are physical.
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Actually worrying you might die when you get a minor injury/illness.


Me, 35, tripping in my own home: I wonder how long it will take for someone to find my body.
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Brussels sprouts are yummy, now. I might even not hate asparagus much.

Also, after decades of preferring dark/neutral colors for everything, picking bright colors for stuff like earphones and phone covers, just so I can see where I put them down. I’m not even 50 yet.
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