#1 These kind customers who refused to let someone in need leave empty-handed:

laurenthehough / Via twitter.com

#2 These parents who made their own dreams come to life:

#3 This dad who was still able to care for his child:

louiseckenny / Via twitter.com

#4 This future father-in-law who’s doing this whole parenting thing correctly:

KateAustin_ / Via twitter.com

#5 This artist, Lizzo, who came a long way in one decade:

#6 This grandma who was reminded of her forever love:

#7 This dad who finally got Gatsby’s name in lights:

snfalkenburg / Via twitter.com

#8 This bakery that made sure everyone was fed:

#9 This person who finally got the cuddle buddy of their dreams:

#10 This pup who got a new lease on life:

avekaspari / Via twitter.com

#11 These lifelong friends:

#12 This person who made sure a stranger’s phone found its rightful home:

#13 This brother who just wanted to include his sister:

#14 This dad who created an environment of openness:

AnneDoepner, HeidiStevens13 / Via twitter.com

#15 This child who is always transparent with her happiness:

#16 This student who made sure she was represented accurately:

And finally, this lil’ dog who got what she wanted in the end:

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: avekaspari / twitter.com