#1 The difference between modern corn and corn before it was domesticated.

Thiccbegs / Via reddit.com

#2 This lobster caught in California versus a lobster purchased from a grocery store.

Thecodyy / Via reddit.com

#3 These McDonald’s fries versus fries from a school cafeteria after eight years in a jar.

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#4 These two apples that looked the same initially, but look like this after being left alone for a week (perhaps because of ethylene).

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#5 Difference between American Fruit Loops and European Fruit Loops.

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#6 This beef from a grocery store versus grass-fed beef from a local butcher, which might be a result of grinding the meat twice for consistency.

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#7 This modern tomato versus a tomato grown from 150-year-old seeds.

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And this farm-grown tomato versus one found at a grocery store.

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#8 The zucchini from my friend’s garden compared to the one my husband purchased from the grocery market.

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#9 The slightly different lineup of Skittles in the US versus in the UK.

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#10 These Sour Patch Kids in America (top) versus the Sour Patch Kids in Australia (bottom).

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#11 This Crush orange soda from America vs. Crush orange soda from Mexico.

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#12 This free range egg someone bought from a local farm versus a non-free range egg, which might look different because of the chickens that produced them have differing diets.

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Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: jambags / reddit.com