#1 If you want to shift your coffee to the next level, use frozen cubes of espresso in your iced coffee.

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#2 No Tree? No Problem!

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#3 How to hide a wireless charger in plain sight.

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#4 One for all.

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#5 If you have cold winters you can use windows as a mini drink fridge.

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#6 When your headphones start to peel, use some adhesive tape to clean it.

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#7 Hold your ketchup bottle like this when squeezing so the splatter doesn’t get on you, you use the lid as a mini shield.

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#8 My roommate changed my life tonight. Candle warmer and queso dip.

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#9 Here’s how you can get a tighter makeup brush, with the help of a thin hair tie.

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#10 If you don’t want to forget something, put your keys with it.

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#11 Need more hooks in your bathroom? Use an over-the-door hanger on your shower curtain rod!

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#12 So organized and accessible!

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#13 Use the lid of a slow cooker to hold open a cookbook while you’re trying to cook/bake.

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#14 If you can’t find your ice scraper, all you have to do is fill bags with warm water and it melts the ice just fine.

#15 What to do if your key broke while in the lock.

Broke your key and don’t want to spend $100+ on a lock smith? from r/lifehacks

#16 With just a little more creativity, all the prizes will be yours.

Thinking outside the box from r/gifs

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