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I was sitting with a group of guys by where Mickey and Minnie get dressed. When they came out, the guys started cat-calling Minnie. The guy that was Mickey said, in a perfect Mickey voice, “If you look at my girlfriend again, I’m gonna pop ya!”

People go nuts over pins. My BF used to work for Disney. Pin traders are why he no longer does.
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When I worked there, the one thing that really caught my attention was this lady who wanted to buy a huge pin set we had framed and put on display for the haunted mansion, but it wasn’t for sale. She left, I moved positions, and then I see her just run out of the store with the frame. It was insane.
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This happened in the seventies at Disneyland in California, as told by a friend of mine, who was an accountant for the park. That year, the whole band who marched in the parade, intensely disliked the cast member who played Mickey Mouse. Apparently, he had a real attitude and was a real diva. So, after Mickey started leading the parade down Main Street, he tripped hard and fell, so the band members quickly started running past him, leaving him on the ground, getting angry. Parents and children started laughing while watching Mickey try to catch up with the running band, so he could be in front again. It all ended up in a legendary, all-out brawl.
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Someone had left an abandoned bag at the base of Space Mountain for more than 15 minutes, so we followed the normal security procedures, and they brought a bomb dog out to sniff it. When our Pluto came to check the bag, he sniffed it and then sat down — which signals that there is something wrong with this bag. So we had to evacuate all of Tomorrowland, literally all of the attractions/stores/restaurants, and all the CMs were standing at all the entrances freaking out because now, of course, we were sure a bomb was going to go off and we would all die. It turned out that the backpack was just forgotten, full of carne asada burritos, and Pluto sat down because he thought he was getting a treat.
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I was taking my paycheck to cash it at the Cast Member’s bank, which is behind the real bank on Main Street. As I walked up, the gate that leads out to the street slammed open, and Donald Duck stomps through, followed by Minnie, Goofy, and a few other characters. Donald ripped his head off, slammed it on the ground, and yelled, “The kid kicked me!” I had to try to not laugh at the enraged, 4’6″ actor in half a duck suit, out of fear that he’d kick me.
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When I worked on Space Mountain circa 2003, Tom Cruise came in with his then-girlfriend Penelope Cruz and her family.

His group gets on the ride, they go have fun, and they come back to the station. As is standard procedure, we asked if they wanted to stay in the car and ride again. This is, so they don’t have to get out, just to immediately reboard. (Star privilege!)

We dispatch the car, and as it starts to move forward, Penelope’s non-English speaking family starts flipping out. Apparently, they didn’t want to go again. So they stand up. This causes us to press the button to stop the cars (in the station only).

Alarms start going off (as the ride is about to break down if we don’t start moving them).

The alarms start flipping out the escorts. Everyone but the people who work the ride are flipping out. Beeping, yelling, good times.

Anyway, we release the “station stop.” I have to manually tug the car to the next spot in the station, via the passenger handlebar in the front. This is when my hand came in contact with Tom Cruise’s.

I never washed it again.
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I saw a 2-year-old wandering in my area. I mean, she could walk on her own, but could not communicate. Thankfully I’ve worked with very small children before and was able to figure out at least that she was lost. It took the parents between 10 to 20 minutes to realize they had lost her.
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I was in line at Disneyland in California, with a group of Japanese teenage tourists ahead of me in line. I speak Japanese, so I could understand that they were making fun of Americans. They were mostly saying things to the effect of, “On TV they seem so cool, but all of these Americans are so fat and ugly.” They were laughing and even occasionally pointing at people. I was just staying quiet, but then one of the cast members, who evidently also spoke Japanese walked up to them and told them in perfect Japanese, “You guys should really be careful, most Americans can speak Japanese.” They all froze up and looked around at people, many of whom were giving them dirty looks. I nodded at them like I was backing him up, and they were horrified. They all left the line promptly afterward.
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Recently a homeless man came in and threw something into some bushes, and we treat it like a potential threat (aka a bomb). We separated the area while the dogs were coming to investigate. I lose track of time, and a kid hands it to me, saying it was lost and found by him. I freaked out a little, but it was just a stuffed animal in the end.
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I was out as the Queen of Hearts (who is pretty much always played by a dude), and there was an Alice and both Tweedles out there with me as well. We were having lots of fun as a unit, with me acting like a prissy witch and making people bow and curtsy to me and kiss my hand, etc., and the Tweedles were causing general mischief, while Alice was talking to kids. We were over near the Dumbo ride, and there’s a small fountain over near the line for the ride that was drained for whatever reason on this day. All of the coins that people threw in there were still in the fountain. I guess one of the Tweedles decided they wanted to steal some change, but they’re only about 5’5″, and the costume is basically built around a hula hoop to give them the round shape, so when he bent over into the fountain, he fell in, and got stuck. I just remember turning around and seeing his feet sticking into the air kicking back and forth out of the fountain.
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My sister worked in a shop on Main Street. Kobe Bryant came in and asked her in a hushed tone, “You know who I am?”
“You think you can help us out, without making a big deal?”
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My cousin worked at a water park; they also used radio codes. Human waste was very uncreatively named, “code brown.”

Anyways, one day, a nearby Wal-Mart must have changed their radio frequency because they were overlapping consistently. Some kid did his thing in the pool, and the lifeguard dutifully called in a code brown. Apparently, Wal-Mart uses code brown for an exterior threat (such as shooter or toxic spill…) and had to shut down and lock the doors because that’s how Wal-Mart reacted to the code brown.
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I was working in the kitchen at Cinderella’s castle when this family of 4 came in for their dinner. About halfway through the dinner, the husband politely stands up and taps his glass for attention. He announced that his wife of 15 years has been cheating in him for over a year. The entire place stood still in shock. He motioned for his kids, paid the waitress, and left the wife crying at the table.
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I worked at a ride in Animal Kingdom a long time ago. Saw an 8-10 foot long snake emerge from an area with lots of plants and bushes. It slowly works its way through a line of about 200 people. Weaving its way through people’s legs, strollers, bags, etc… then it just casually slips back into another wooded area. No one noticed!

I was a lifeguard at the Contemporary Resort. We usually didn’t patrol the jacuzzi, but I happened to notice this little girl who was about 7 years old, by herself. Signs are posted saying No Unattended Children, so I knelt down, and politely told her she wasn’t allowed to use the “hot water tub.” She runs off to her mom.

About 5 minutes later, this pissed-off, heavyset woman is standing about a foot away from me yelling in my ear that I kicked her daughter out of the pool. I explained the situation to her, but she immediately turned red and started screaming (louder) that I had let “that other child use it” (they were teenagers). I said, “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but the rule applies for children under 12.

I thought it was over, but while standing right next to me, she turned to her daughter and said, “Honey, you can go ahead and use that, and don’t listen to him if he tells you to get out,” then she started to walk off. I said to her: “Ma’am, if you do that, we will have no choice but to ask you to leave the property.”

She turned back and just went on this tirade about how “we paid our money here,” so I called a Code 3 which alerts Control, and before she was finished with her rant, there was a uniformed guard standing next to her. Unfortunately, Code 3 also means that the pool has to be cleared, so about 200 guests were lined up on the sides of the pool watching all this go down.
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