#1 “Broken” buildings.


#2 Zipper Building in Milan by British artist Alex Chinneck.

avin_timilsina / Via reddit.com

#3 A double dispenser.

manutaust / Via reddit.com

#4 Chairs with built-in-handles for backpacks and bags.

Shattered_Ice / Via reddit.com

#5 The offices of a storage company.

_Atoms_Apple / Via reddit.com

#6 This really cool display I found at the Apple Store in Manhattan.

Apple, DrawThatRedstone / Via reddit.com

#7 Free WI-FI at McDonald’s


#8 A worker in my factory has a cowboy hat that doubles as a hard hat.

Bannybear1 / Via reddit.com

#9 Car keys in the shape of a car.

PrezedentA / Via reddit.com

#10 These vintage table and chairs.

LifeWithAdd / Via reddit.com

#11 My favorite butcher shop has a clever as a door handle.

cheesyduckfat / Via reddit.com

#12 A bag from a LEGO store.


#13 A bookstore’s podium.

Jaycatt / Via reddit.com

#14 Coffee table inspired by the movie Inception.

mousarris / Via reddit.com

#15 Saw a sink/stove/mini fridge hybrid at a customer’s house.

tmc2996 / Via reddit.com

#16 Python from automobile tires.

Mama_Ama / Via reddit.com

#17 Typographical 3D newspaper ad.

zimpenfish / Via imgur.com

#18 The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. I to VII


#19 A door… poorly made?

Firehoser / Via imgur.com

#20 A functional dock.

Deity0000 / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: Apple, DrawThatRedstone / reddit.com, McDonald’s