Reaching the end of my 6-month chemo treatment last December. I had expected to feel beaten down and done by the end, instead, I felt better than I had in years. Still haven’t felt as good as I did in that all too brief period, but now I guess life has a bit more purpose.
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I only recently found out what loving someone feels like and what being loved feels like too.
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Meeting my wife. My previous relationship finally ended at the beginning of 2010 and I met my now-wife in December of that year. I still enjoy her company every single day, and she was easily the best thing to happen in the ’10s.
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Got out of a long relationship, found myself, started going back to school. And JUST TODAY MY BARISTA ASKED ME OUT BRO IM SO HYPED BECAUSE I TOTALLY WAS CRUSHING ON HER. Oh also, I am cancer free. But this girl is probably the highlight.
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Getting married. Adopting a dog. Buying a house. That time I got 2 onion rings in my French fries.
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Surviving the end of the world, aka 21 December 2012.
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100% to quit smocking and starting rock climbing. I woulnd’t have done one without the other.
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I remember 2010 starting as the year I was finally able to be social, then in 2014 I left my home country, came here to Germany, and now I have spent more than half of this decade here. But the best moment? Gotta be getting out of hospital after trying to kill myself multiple times. I remember after a phone call with my mom, saying that I’d do everything to get myself together and manage my mental health, and now I’m working, and have some great opportunities ahead of me. I made it.
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Well, I went from 8 to 18, so quite a big change.
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I told my best friend of 5 years I had feelings for him. We will be closing out this year and entering the new one together.
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Got to watch the Cubs win the World Series with my Grandma, who went 86 years without seeing one.
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Probably overcoming my fear of wild animals. I used to jump at the sound of a coyote, now I photograph wild rattlesnakes in their natural habitats.
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The day I asked out my crush of the last 8 years, with whom I had planned my whole life without even telling her. And she said “No.”
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I was happy any time I had ice cream.
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Finding a job that I don’t dread going to in the morning, even happy to go to work some mornings.
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When everyone was outside playing Pokémon Go back in 2016. Good times.
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Graduated high school, moved across the country by myself, got married, moved 3 more times, watched my mom leave her verbally abusive and lazy husband and marry a much nicer man who has much more in common with her.
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Got a really good haircut.
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Running! In 2010, I had just entered my 30s and my metabolism was slowing down. I was starting to get fat. So I took up running. Since then, I have run over 6,000 miles. This year I took it to the next level, ran my first marathon, and then 3 ultra-marathons finishing with a 50-miler just last weekend. I’m now 41 and in the best shape of my life.
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I grew up always wanting a dog. Can’t say I’ve grown up (in a mature sense), but I got a dog!
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