#1 My mum always made me a birthday cake. Every year for 44 years. Two months since she died and my old dad tried his hardest and my heart melted.

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#2 Amazon Tribe Wins Lawsuit, Blocks Big Oil’s Bid To Destroy Millions Of Acres Of Rainforest.


#3 Love is all that matters.

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#4 An elementary school bus driver asked every kid on his bus what they wanted for Christmas. He bought every child a gift.

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#5 Most are good

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#6 Read this on one of the FB groups. Warmed my heart.

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#7 Her mother died when she was 3 months old and they don’t have a picture together so this artist made this for her.

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#8 I think someone has a crush on my Christmas light decoration.

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#9 We’re one family.

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#10 This mare lost her foal and then, two days later, this foal lost its mother. Here they are an hour after meeting.

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#11 This kid.

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#12 When I was younger I had dreams of being this hardcore gangster rapper..I guess things change

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#13 My aunts friends just finalized the adoption of their 2 kids.

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#14 George the Jack Russell saved 5 children from being attacked by two pitbulls in New Zealand. Due to his severe injuries he had to be put down. Feisty, 30cm tall George got two posthumous medals.

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#15 I was having a bad day and this dog walked to my bus stop, sat on the bench and asked me for pets. I’m now having a good day.

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#16 A homeless man in Brazil was rushed to hospital. These 4 street dogs he has been looking after are waiting at the entrance of the hospital for him.

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#17 Some good news from 2018.

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#18 Oh, the cuteness!.

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#19 Two parents listening to the heart transplanted from their 23-year-old son, who overdosed on opioids.

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#20 Somewhere in heaven there’s a black and white dog taking care of seven golden lab puppies.

Daisy the dog lost all seven of her puppies in a barn fire at the end of February, and wasn’t the same afterwards, spending most of her days going to the remains of the barn to look for them. Her owner posted a desperate appeal on Facebook, asking if anyone had puppies she could foster. The next day, an owner of eight orphaned puppies contacted her, and Daisy took to caring for them straight away.
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