#1 When Halloween is over but you are still in the spirit:

mollytaft / Via twitter.com

#2 The New York subway system never ceases to amaze.


#3 Harry the Hunter catching the subway in NYC

BlindParamedic / Via reddit.com

#4 There was more on the other side. Dude was committed.

redditmason / Via reddit.com

#5 Half-bear, half-human? There you are!

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#6 Fashion is my profession.


#7 We wonder where he is heading like this.

subwaycreatures / Via instagram.com

#8 I wanna wrap myself up and forget the world…

ryrynyc / Via instagram.com

#9 A guy brought his peacock onto the NYC subway and no one even looked up from their phones.

BookerDeWittsCarbine / Via reddit.com

#10 It’s always a good time on the subway.

x3knet / Via reddit.com

#11 When you work too much.

kunstcameraman / Via reddit.com

#12 Chicken, chicken, where are you going?


#13 Play me some music, beast! Play and relax my soul.

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#14 I saw an alien on the subway last night.

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#15 Is that him?

NedYost / Via reddit.com

#16 — Whatcha doing there? — Just hangin’.

ttceen / Via instagram.com

#17 Ah, that morning mess!

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#18 Times are so tough even the Führer has to work a 9 to 5.


#19 Is anyone missing?

dcoreys / Via imgur.com

#20 which one of these people woke up today and said, “I’m not catching a disease on the subway.”

brooklynsweet / Via reddit.com

#21 Aliens are there among us.

humansofnylol / Via instagram.com

#22 This guy brought a coffee table onto the subway.

MichaelRahmani / Via reddit.com

#23 We hope he found the answer.

subwaycreatures / Via instagram.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: dcoreys / imgur.com