#1 This full-sized dragon decoration someone put on their house for Halloween.

schwandt / Via imgur.com

#2 My neighbor’s only Halloween decoration.

FinishedTitan / Via reddit.com

#3 Great decoration for Dia de Muertos In México

apolion44 / Via reddit.com

#4 A restaurant in my town dressed up for Halloween Ghost Busters style.

denrae- / Via reddit.com

#5 Part of the Halloween display my wife and kids put together.

Dilligaf_Bazinga / Via reddit.com

#6 First Halloween in our new home! Sorry, neighbors, we’re THAT house.

CaseByCase / Via reddit.com

#7 Making the best out of a bad situation.

Whoshabooboo / Via reddit.com

#8 I made this for Halloween!

spongejr12 / Via reddit.com

#9 IT Department’s Decoration!!

slibberden / Via reddit.com

#10 DIY Halloween decorations!

MapleGlazedMoose / Via reddit.com

#11 We decorated the truck for Halloween.

dt_jenny / Via reddit.com

#12 My neighbor’s Halloween decoration.

WhatsRightWhatsLeft / Via reddit.com

#13 Made this for our yard!

flimflamwhizbang / Via imgur.com

#14 I think my neighbor won the Halloween decor contests even though there wasn’t one.

mzol14 / Via reddit.com

#15 House set up in my neighborhood

chaos_ensued / Via reddit.com

#16 My Friend’s Decorations to Celebrate Halloween and The 50th Anniversary of The Beatle’s “Abbey Road” Album.

JLamb56 / Via reddit.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: schwandt / imgur.com