#1 Found a Little Surprise in the Library Book I Borrowed.

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#2 Nothing like picking up a book and finding a photo (and autograph) of the author inside

jennabunnykins / Via reddit.com

#3 This 4 and 5 leaf clover I found in this nearly 200 year old book

sethyy12345 / Via reddit.com

#4 I found this in a 1949 children’s book I bought today.

stitch-witchery / Via reddit.com

#5 Used bookstore has a wall of forgotten bookmarks

KaiF1SCH / Via reddit.com

#6 Note found in “the book of outdoor gardening” by Smith and Hawken ⁣

Dear Mommy, ⁣
I think that you are very very pretty. ⁣
Love, ⁣
Lacey ⁣
I love you Mommy ⁣
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#7 My son found a report card from nearly 100 years ago in his library book.

Carel16 / Via reddit.com

#8 Somewhere back in time, the former owner of these glasses is still looking for them

It looks like they have been in there so long, they have cracked the binding. Found in “The Story of a Fight” by Hugh Lloyd
forgottenbookmarks / Via instagram.com

#9 Found a dried lizard between my book’s pages.

MOstred / Via reddit.com

#10 I found this in a random book on the shelves of a cafe.

Dangjasondang / Via reddit.com

#11 Found in an 1860’s bible

tenglempls / Via reddit.com

#12 Found tucked between the pages of a secondhand textbook I bought.

HopelessQuantic / Via reddit.com

#13 In a vintage Hemingway

cassodragon / Via reddit.com

#14 A 1970′s plane ticket

PointsGenerator / Via reddit.com

#15 Beautiful photo found in copy of “Birds of Alaska”

queen_ghost / Via reddit.com

#16 Found this neat little metal bookmark in “The Life Of Colonel Paul Revere” from 1909

forgottenbookmarks / Via instagram.com

#17 Found this in house I’m tearing apart in a book like someone wanted to keep them don’t think it’s real money.

zangoku / Via reddit.com

#18 My mother found a 108 year old ticket to a fair in an old book being used as a book mark.

The_Law_Giver / Via reddit.com

#19 We found this lovely lady in a book we listed yesterday. She has been trimmed from a 19th century women’s periodical or magazine.

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#20 A guy in my Japanese class found this in the back of his book. Can relate.

funkystuhero / Via reddit.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: MOstred / reddit.com, Dangjasondang / reddit.com