#1 Not really into valentines day, but my boyfriend played it well this year…

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#2 Sorry you got stabbed

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#3 My dad accidentally bought a same sex Valentine’s Day card and instead of getting another card, he drew a little beard on one of the women.

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#4 Blursed birthday card

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#5 Engangement is just as exciting as being 2

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#6 I didn’t have a card for my friend’s birthday, but I DID have a sharpie and a card for a baby.

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#7 Best brain surgery ever

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#8 My sense of humor: getting birthday cards with the wildly incorrect age on it for people

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#9 I finished my PhD! This is the card my sister gave me.

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#10 I’m a near thirty year old, near 250 lb, very hairy man. The shop was running short on cards though. Close enough?


#11 My friend had surgery on her deviated septum today (she accidentally called it a deviated scrotum), so a friend and I got her a card.

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#12 My mom found out my dad has been cheating and since they don’t exactly make cards for this occasion I had to improvise.

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#13 Couldn’t find a decent card for my friend at his last birthday, had to improvise

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#14 Sent my husband to buy a baby shower gift bag. Dammit.

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#15 My fiancé just got this card from her parents and the inside made us lol

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#16 The wife and I agreed we’d only get greeting cards from the Dollar Store. I had to get creative for her 30th birthday.

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#17 This is the card I gave my brother for his birthday.

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#18 Forgot it was Valentine’s day yesterday, so I just grabbed any card and fixed it before I gave it to him.

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#19 Accidentally bought a gift voucher in a Birthday card for works Secret Santa. Fixed in five seconds, I’m sure they won’t notice.

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#20 I found the PERFECT holiday card to include with my Secret Santa gifts.

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