#1 Sitting on faces since 2001

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#2 The more You play with it, the harder it gets

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#3 Nothing sucks like an electrolux

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#4 Good luck


#5 Something for every hole

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#6 After dinner, you can stab your date

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#7 The best things in life come in cellophane

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#8 You can never be too thin; Tastes as good as skinny feels


#9 Imagine more snacks than you can imagine


#10 Men are better than women!


#11 Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout

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#12 Wow way

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#13 Went shopping and found this ad promoting safe sex.


#14 She can have a tummy… and still look yummy!


#15 Va-dry-na?

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#16 The beer that beer would drink

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#17 Lose weight deliciously with the aid of Ayds


#18 Painfully thick

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#19 It’s amazing what you can do with two fingers and a thumb

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#20 If we can’t have fresh air, at least we can have fresh muffins

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