#1 This is how history professor teaches about the first man in space.

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#2 My high school art teacher’s amazing Van Gogh costume

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#3 A little wisdom from my Physics professor

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#4 Our professor wears his hat and cape every time he conducts an experiment

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#5 Today was “Meme Day” at my old high school for homecoming week. I appreciate this science teacher even more now.

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#6 My school just got a ton of new iMacs…this is what they did with the boxes.

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#7 “My face physically hurts from smiling so much today, I love teaching you guys” -my professor, who’s such a good soul

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#8 Genius teacher

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#9 Sitting in my immunology class when…

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#10 There is a student in class who likes to draw a cat of the day. One day that student wasn’t in class so the teacher drew one instead.

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#11 My professor’s door

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#12 Students were asking this professor if his shirt is missing a 2nd part.

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#13 On a door in the Health Sciences building at school

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#14 Our teacher told us to get In groups and practise theses Shakespearean insults, i love english a lot more

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#15 My professor doesn’t believe in laser pointers so he uses a fishing pole with a foam finger attached and I can’t contain myself during lecture lmao

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#16 My teacher raises a picture of his own face to make sure no student is lost during the fire drill.

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#17 After not taking attendance all quarter, my TA was out of town on exam day. This was the last question.

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#18 All set for my meeting with the student that missed more than 30 classes this semester and emailed me to set up an appointment to talk about his grade.

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#19 A series of unfortunate events:

“Professor Hendel, I am writing this email very embarrassingly. As I began writing my paper, I wrote out the template. Unfortunately, I could not remember your last name, so I filled it with something completely unprofessional. It was my intention to change the name before submission, but it completely slipped my mind. I attempted to resubmit the assignment but was unable to. I am so very sorry for the lack of respect that was used and again I apologize for this mistake. I hope that this does not reflect what you think of me and that the next assignment I can address by the correct name. Thank you again and I am so sorry. Thank you, Zoey”
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#20 My professor asked me to bring my 7 week old kitten to class. He learned a lot about poetry!

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