They’ll do anything for us no matter what problems we have. Even if we’re far away from them, they always know how to comfort and help us.

#1 When you’d do anything for your daughter:

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#2 This mother spent days and nights sewing her daughter a Halloween costume!

#3 A single mom dressed up as a dad so that she could accompany her son to the “Dads and Doughnuts Day” at school.

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#4 This dad got a tattoo of a cochlear implant so his daughter wouldn’t feel different.


#5 Moms are amazing!

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#6 Here’s how you can keep a baby calm for a photoshoot:

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#7 A single father-of-4 threw a Star Wars-themed princess party!

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#8 This mom supports her son’s gaming.

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#9 This dad was really serious about preparing for Halloween.

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#10 Go ahead, make yourself comfortable…

#11 This dad’s sense of overprotectiveness is a little beyond the limit…

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#12 “First driving lesson with Dad”

#13 “My mom made my siblings and I blankets made out of my dad’s T-shirts soon after he passed away.”

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#14 A mom helping her kids beat a hard level in Super Mario Land

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#15 This mother cares about other passengers.

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