#1 I’ll never let go, Jack!

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#2 One minute before a massive disaster


#3 Friend zone level: grandmaster

Curtousy / Via imgur.com

#4 The happiness of the first paycheck and drama of the discovery of taxes

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#5 Here’s how a collectible vinyl record was delivered.

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#6 How on Earth did you get there in the first place?

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#7 It will be a long wait until spring.

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#8 What happens in Hollywood stays in Hollywood

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#9 The fortune cookie says “A new romance is in the future,” my wife is not impressed.

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#10 We had a turkey invasion this morning.

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#11 This gentleman is having coffee with his late wife. Everyone deserves love like this.

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#12 Teenage drift fail… It was supposed to be cool.

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#13 Desperation in its visual form

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#14 You are in so much trouble now.

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#15 This woman lost her memory and her husband is teaching her the alphabet and helping her re-learn how to read.

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#16 We didn’t see that coming, that’s for sure.


#17 I think my GPS doesn’t like me.

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#18 Mom, she’s doing it again.

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#19 It seems that the one who screwed up was the person who painted the lines in the wrong direction.

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#20 Nothing will keep us apart.

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Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: Curtousy / imgur.com, c0rnnut007 / reddit.com