In case you’re having a particularly hard day, here are some pictures that will make you feel better or at least appreciate people’s creativity.

#1 I put falsies on my belly and then laughed about it for 3 minutes straight.

mommakyyeee / Via

#2 “My friend works at an orthodontics lab where patients can design their own retainers….”

SophieAScruggs / Via

#3 When your human is an artist:

Sam_JP_ / Via

#4 “My dad just sent me this…”

93seca2 / Via

#5 “ARThusiast”

maioni86 / Via

#6 They’ve got the “come and try me” face on.

missmochi28 / Via

#7 The King has risen!

MrMeeMNooN / Via

#8 “Looks like someone at my local grocery store has a decent sense of humor.”

wooferwolf / Via

#9 “We had a local elementary school decorate paper bags for Earth Day…”

starrynitess / Via

#10 “My boyfriend was too short to reach the top…”

rillip / Via

#11 “My cousin’s costume — he’s a dentist and yes, he’s at work.”

#12 “This is how my coworker left us.”

midget_jazz / Via

#13 Take a chill pill and accept your flaws.

anilbhardwaj / Via

#14 Well played, Barnes and Noble.

Pupettoloco / Via

#15 Only following the rules!

TheJoren / Via

#16 As real as it gets…

ATX_Stig / Via

#17 The most creative theft ever!

lewistough7 / Via

#18 No matter the question, chicken is always the answer.

Dev1cer / Via

#19 “Always choose the doctor with a sense of humor.”

PiusThicknesse / Via

#20 “One of my mom’s ‘Elf on the Shelf’ photos”

KombuchaMushroomPeop / Via

#21 “This sign I found at an ice cream shop”

Glypshmergle / Via

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: mommakyyeee /