#1 Looks like I won’t be listening to my new vinyl record. Thanks, USPS

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#2 USPS bent my diploma. I have no words.

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#3 My first 4k TV finally arrived!

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#4 This amazon delivery man who delivers a package and then steals it himself

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#5 UPS Delivery driver caught peeing in elevator en route to deliveries in my old building.

The building I lived in had a strict HOA and I had just gotten a puppy. I was always so nervous the smell of urine in the elevator was from her peeing without me noticing. This was a relief to see.
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#6 Domino’s Pizza delivery guy caught eating topings

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#7 Hopefully no one will notice the delivery…

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#8 I’m a carrier for USPS. I ordered my uniforms for the year a few days ago and this is how they arrived. So is this why we have a bad rep?

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#9 Over the past six months, Canada Post has lost three packages for me, all of which it claims to have delivered. I think I discovered the reason why today.

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#10 My mailman was the first to congratulate me.


#11 The “obstruction of my front door” that prevented UPS from delivering my package…

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#12 UPS marked my package as ‘delivered’ after dumping it in the middle of my driveway. I found it when leaving for work this morning.

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#13 P.S. we also poured sugar in your gas tank and ran over your cat. We hope you understand. Love, the USPS

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#14 This was just delivered. My door opens out.


#15 Special delivery

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#16 Sipping the drink before delivery

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#18 Delivery guy throws package up the balcony.

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#19 Licking clean spoonfuls of food meant for clients and putting it back in the delivery bag

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#20 The way Amazon delivered my single nose ring

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Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: SJCooke94 / twitter.com