#1 The guy my math teacher was talking about

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#2 My friend purchased 28 industrial sized clear bags of cheetos. Each bag ocst him $65. What aws the amount he paid in total?

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#3 I was the kid from your first grade math problems with 87 watermelons and 132 cantaloupes

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#4 Danny has 1,496 bananas protecting him from outside forces. If he eats 1,369 of them, How many are left?

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#5 Example from a math textbook

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#6 I always wondered how many bananas it would take to fill a car

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#7 The moment the cashier found the person from the math problems

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#8 I think about him every day. Why did he need the bananas? Why did he need the milk?

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#9 Soda for 6 cents. The obvious course of action. I think, they got 600 bottles. They are definitely people from math book

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#10 Math problems never been this real

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#11 The man from our math problems

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#12 He’s the guy from your math problems

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#13 Found the car from all the middle school math problems

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#14 Met one of those guys from the math problems tonight

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#15 This is the person you learned about in math class: “sally bought 1000 bags of chips”

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#16 A guy buys 38 watermelons, he can take 2 in both hands, how many times will it take for him to bring all of them home?

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#17 If Brian buys 2000 bananas and eats half of them in one sitting, how many loaves of banana bread can he make with the remaining bananas?

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#18 I’m the guy from your math books who has a ton of pizzas in their car

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#19 I found the guy from all those elementary school math problems at Walmart

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#20 Found the guy from the math problems

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