I once had a friend casually say “you know how when you run out of toilet paper, so you just use a sock or whatever?” No the f**k I do not, Sandra, Jesus Christ.
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Walked into my sister’s room and she had maxi pads laying everywhere with Barbie’s on top. She’s like, look at all these Barbie sleeping bags I found.
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I was doing a internship in a small office and the engineer (yeah he is engineer) needed to take out the trash from the trash bin (it had a plastic bag with the trash) . He open a new plastic bag (I though it was to replace the old full one) and asked my help to hold it while he threw all the trash from the bin to the new plastic bag instead of just take the trash from the old plastic bag and replace for the new one. I was so confused…
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My wife once watched a girl at work stick a ball of aluminum into a microwave with her instant ramen during a break. She said, “the Sparks are just because it’s heating up faster,” as if it were common knowledge.
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I caught a roommate cleaning our bathroom counter top with the toilet brush.
He’s a doctor now.
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I did not witness it but my grandma had used a vibrator as a massaging stick for her back pain because the box had stated ‘massage stick’. The way we found out was hilarious though.

When we visited her one day she started telling how she went to the shop where she bought her massage stick and asked the boy to change the batteries. She did not understand why the boy had refused and why he acted weird. Then she asked my mom if she could change the batteries and gave my mom the vibrator. I still feel sorry for the kid behind the counter at the shop.
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I caught a friend of mine rubbing one of the antibacterial hand wipes from KFC all over his friends chicken. The little packet said ‘a hint of lemon’ on it, and he thought that he was meant to flavour the chicken with it…
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When I was a kid, my mother used a pasta spoon to clean the cat litter box. I thought this was normal because it was the only way I’d ever seen it used. Then, years after our cat died, I was eating dinner at a friend’s house when the mom grabbed the same kind of utensil to serve spaghetti. I freaked out and shouted “why are you serving food with a poop scoop?!” They were so confused and I couldn’t eat my dinner because I was so disturbed.
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Using my fabric shears to cut wire and plastic packaging. And now he’s butthurt that my new fabric shears have a padlock through the handles.
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Man, I threw a major fit when I saw a visiting relative get my $100 chefs knife to screw a screw.
What’s the big deal? – he asked. Well… if you gotta ask…
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My mom’s coworker (or maybe even her ex boss) used the plastic page protectors for office binders in a wrong way. The page protectors have only one opening on top as everyone knows, but she would always turn them upside down and then used a billion of paperclips on the bottom to prevent papers from falling out.
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Using a microwave to dry clothes… There were flames
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Not really an everyday thing unless youre a tradesman, but ive seen wayyy too many people try to pound screws in with a hammer.
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Girlfriends brother using my $125 chef’s knife to chop ice.
I did make a scene.
got rid of both.
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My friends kid decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron on the couch. Burned a nice iron shaped hole in the couch. Kid was 15 at the time.
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This was a story that a colleague told me that happened on the day I was off back in the day I used to work for a hotel.
Apparently some Chinese guests came to reception to complain that the microwave wasn’t working. We didn’t have microwaves in the room, so when coming to inspect the problem, she found out that they were trying to microwave a pizza… in the room’s safe.
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A friend of mine was a first generation migrant to my country and her parents had a dishwasher in their house, but due to never having had one in their home country, saw it as a wasteful appliance to use. So they stored clean pots and pans in it, just like another cabinet.
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I used to live 2 doors down from the neighborhoods “crazy lady’ and she would often vaccuum her grass after it was mowed.
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My high school spanish teacher would use her computer’s disk tray as a shelf for her coffee mug
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I didn’t witness this, but I read it in a newspaper article a few years ago.

It was this article about life-hacks, and such, and basically what happened was, there was this “hack” going around about how, if you put your toaster on its side, slide in two slices of bread with cheese on top and toast them, you get toast and grilled cheese all at once.

Apparently, this lady tried it and the melting cheese set her toaster on fire. The whole thing went up and nearly burned her entire house down.
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