#1 The little brother got in the kids’ way when they played cards on the floor, so they found a solution.

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#2 “My 13-year-old sister thinks it’s hilarious.”

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#3 Cooperation

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#4 Don’t underestimate how evil younger siblings can be.

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#5 There are 2 types of sisters:

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#6 Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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#7 The main obstacle to making your wish come true.

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#8 No one likes to share ice cream…

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#9 “Ordered new sneakers. Asked my little brother for pics while I’m at work.”

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#10 “This is how my daughter dresses when she accompanies her brother to school.”

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#11 A photo showing what it means to be a younger brother.

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#12 “Okay, so my little brother did this while nobody else was home.”

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#13 Being the older brother means giving only cool presents. Being the younger brother means giving only presents you can afford.

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#14 “Today was extremely hot and my brother offered me this. I don’t know if I should be angry or impressed.”

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#15 “What my brother does with my phone…”

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