#1 In case you need to take a piece of bread to go

IamRasters / Via reddit.com

#2 “Is this packaging really necessary Zyrtec?”

explodr / Via reddit.com

#3 “If only bananas had a robust, natural, bio-degradable packaging of their own.”

thenamenononehas / Via imgur.com

#4 If there’s no disk needed, why do you send this?


#5 So this was the packaging for my free Chapstick.


#6 Could it be just one container?

msorensic / Via twitter.com

#7 Guys, it’s gonna be a cash cow! We get rid of the eggshells and put the eggs in plastic bags!

ShinigamiDady / Via reddit.com

#8 All this packaging for a bottle with 30 pills. Thanks, Amazon!

Minionhunter / Via reddit.com

#9 One single pill and the amount of wrapping for it

Neglected_Martian / Via reddit.com

#10 There’s no way microbes are getting on those apples!

pagged / Via reddit.com

#11 Do these companies think that this amount of packaging will keep it fresh?

climbingup_thewalls / Via reddit.com

#12 “Bought an umbrella on Amazon and it came with 50 times its volume in cardboard packaging and wrapping.”

GallowBoob / Via reddit.com

#13 Wait, but it’s already in cubes…

EuanDoak / Via twitter.com

#14 How is that supposed to help?

kirketkin / Via reddit.com

#15 2 lemongrass stalks, seriously?

pointless_packaging / Via instagram.com

#16 “I thought I was doing my bit by buying Q-tips that weren’t made of plastic. Instead they’re just individually wrapped in it…”

chard_evans / Via reddit.com

#17 The best Illustration for the word “overpacked”

Over_Packaged / Via twitter.com

#18 “Pre-sliced and packaged avocados? What a time to be alive!”


#19 Just one question: Why?

hippityhoppflop / Via reddit.com

#20 Apparently, the natural cover is not protective enough

itsfelyn / Via instagram.com

#21 “I ordered a small piece of magnet.”

MiaMiaPP / Via reddit.com

#22 “I ordered 5 lbs of sugar free Jelly Belly’s online… They arrived individually wrapped! Why?”

betterdayzahead / Via imgur.com

#23 “Say no to plastic” indeed!

YARA5000 / Via reddit.com

#24 Such fragile products for sure should be highly protected, and don’t forget to put “organic” on the wrapper.

jonnyopinion / Via reddit.com

#25 “This Hong Kong supermarket sells individually plastic wrapped and boxed strawberries.”

Ree81 / Via reddit.com

#26 This is some serious packaging for such a tiny steak.

pointless_packaging / Via instagram.com

#27 Pre-cut and individually wrapped peppers are just insanity!

6packobeer / Via reddit.com

#28 Looks like somebody came up with a new business wrapping the free IKEA pencils and selling them.

CobainSchofield / Via twitter.com

#29 Maybe it’s just a very inventive way to prevent them from rolling around?

Chicken_Man_64 / Via reddit.com

#30 This USB drive is far too small for that packaging.

Nice_Sandwich / Via reddit.com

#31 The only explanation for this would be that this part shrank during delivery.

tommiedineen / Via reddit.com

#32 “The plastic has to be removed from every single mini-sausage before cooking.”

UndocumentedTuesday / Via reddit.com

#33 Is that a polite way to say that you’re only allowed to eat one grape?


#34 A quartered watermelon in a bag — freshness guaranteed!

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#35 These potatoes are called “Natural Beauty.”

MiyabiCharcoal / Via twitter.com

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