Kids don’t follow “adult rules” and aren’t familiar with the language tricks we use. As a result, they hear our words, requests, and even school tasks in a way far different than they’re supposed to. Because of this, they end up beating the system we ourselves have created.

#1 When your mom wants you to get some exercise:

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#2 It’s the same story with nuggets:

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#3 “It’s not what I meant when I said to my son it was too nice outside to play games inside.”

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#4 When you ask your kids to put shoes outside the door:

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#5 Who said bananas are just for eating?

#6 “The last strawberry is for you, Mom!”

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#7 “A birthday present from my 9-year-old”

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#8 Is he going to be a lawyer?

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#9 When shopping is definitely not your cup of tea:

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#10 “We told our daughter that New Years is special because you get to toast to a new year. Now we have a new family tradition.”

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#11 When you ask your kid to use chopsticks:

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#12 It’s all about logic:

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#13 “Asked my daughter to write an apology letter…”

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#14 “In his defense, I did say to put these in the bathroom.”

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#15 Happiness is a choice.

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#16 “My son decided he was tired of people using his poof.”

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#17 When you take instructions too literally:

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#18 When you ask your kid to eat half of their hot dog:

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#19 Because we all have that one kid…

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