#1 It’s time to d d d d d d d d DUEL

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#2 Nothing good will happen to me bcz I told my mom I could no longer help her after moving on my own at 19 because she got evicted twice in the span of 4 months and put a power bill in my name without me knowing which I now owe 700 to the power company

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#3 Mom of the year over here…

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#4 My mom is putting up cameras in my room now

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#5 Shooting a schools computer because your daughter is talking to boys…

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#6 My father tracking me while I’m on a date

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#7 I dont even know what to say.

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#8 Mom just asked me for 600$ when i work a minimum wage job then tells me to stop spending ???

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#9 Ah sweet unconditional love

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#10 Sometimes insane is just a birth defect!

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#11 What the hell?

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#12 I hate it when doctors act like they have a medical degree.

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#13 My parents force me to update everything I do to them and verbally abuse me if I don’t. They wonder where the depression came from.

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#14 She’s old enough to get married but not old enough to be trusted around another man’s pen*s in this house.

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#15 Mom makes son show her all of his social media accounts

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#16 The children deserved better than her anyways.

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#17 Already dislikes her baby before it’s born…

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#18 Poor poor kid

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#19 My mother, after she kicked me out when she found letters my girlfriend wrote for me (we’re both girls)

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#20 My dad is sending me to boot camp this month because I didn’t get my hair cut the way he wanted but he didn’t tell he how he wanted it. I was sobbing in the back off my work when he sent me these messages

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