#1 There’s no hope for humanity. I know that now


#2 I feel the need to tell the world regular faucets are ok

pleasehatethesethings / Via instagram.com

#3 Attached bath and bedroom

nitrofire1 / Via reddit.com

#4 I’ve always wanted an apartment with a bathtub, but this is certainly not what I envisioned.

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#5 Electric showers for everyone!

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#6 I am actually speechless. I mean in what scenario is this required???? Fraternity rush week? And what does one store in that prison locker built in?

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#7 My friend’s bathtub handles. I-I just…..what?

luminite_social / Via reddit.com

#8 I cringe every time I step foot in this shower.

notthatmadMax / Via reddit.com

#9 Shower screen guy thought the toilet waste was for the shower and screened the wrong section. Plumber installed the toilet anyway.

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#10 The shower in my Grandparents new bathroom is very nice, except for one small problem…

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#11 Someone peaked in high school geometry

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#12 Guest room shower

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#13 My mom had her guest bathroom remodeled while she was out of town. She wanted the shower head up high so tall people didn’t have to crouch or lean way back. Came home to find this, which shoots the water straight across to the opposite wall.

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#14 Whatever. Shut up and have a salad next time if you don’t like it

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#15 Taking a shower in a hotel in China

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#16 Mother in law’s suite is finally done!

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#17 Calgon, take me away

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#18 Just in case you want a little brick oven pizza with your bath. Sounds fantastic tbh

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#19 Shower curtain at my local YMCA.

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#20 Booked a hotel in Orlando through Hotwire and they gave us this room. No partition between the shower, bathtub, and bed. I’m traveling with my teenage daughter…..

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Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: nitrofire1 / reddit.com, pleasehatethesethings / instagram.com