Accessibility is a vitally important feature of any civilized society – everyone, regardless of their mobility, should be able to access and enjoy public facilities.

#1 If you aren’t already in a wheelchair, you will be after this

#2 To invite a disabled man to talk about accessibility..

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#3 Extreme wheelchairing!

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#4 Being handicapped in Cabo San Lucas is apparently an extreme sport.(FB friend’s vacation pic)

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#5 This crosswalk for the handicapped

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#6 Epic fail when it comes to accessibility

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#7 Accessibility fail

#8 Accessibility fail

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#9 How is this supposed to work??

#10 Because fu*k you for being in a wheelchair

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#11 Accessibility fail

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#12 Hospital which I work has these wheelchairs for the patients

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#13 The Portuguese parliament had to become handicap acessible due to having one deputy on a wheelchair. This is the result.

#14 This handicap ramp

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#15 Accessibility fail

#16 For those who feel they aren’t quite handicapped enough…

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#17 Accessibility fail

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#18 Extreme wheelchairing

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#19 For disabled people on stilts

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#20 This wheelchair ramp

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If you see bad examples of wheelchair accessibility in your neighborhood, be sure to report it to your local council or government representative!

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