#1 If you have a sister then you know the conversation can change dramatically at any point in time.

abbygov / Via twitter.com

#2 But you also know that you can share anything and everything with each other without a blink of judgement.

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#3 You’ve done exactly 349,493,329 embarrassing things around each other and are able to look back on them and laugh so hard that you cry.

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#4 You both casually deliver jokey insults without fearing consequences.

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#5 And you’re never afraid of sharing your not-so-great moments with each other.

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#6 You go to the most extra lengths to point out that one of you has stolen the other’s clothes without asking.

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#7 And you have your own special way of showing the other that you *really* care.

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#8 Having a sister means you can reach out to each other during troubling times when you need a support system.

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#9 And time is just a social construct when it comes to texting about important matters.

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#10 And when it comes to gift giving, you’re not afraid to express what you really think.

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#11 But even though you can get into some nasty fights…

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#12 …you know, REALLY nasty fights…

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#13 …she’s not only the best person you can depend on…

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#14 …but she’s also the person you can’t imagine going through life without.

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#15 You know how to get under each other’s skin just for the fun of it.

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