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#1 Don’t think that your cat accidentally touched your lips, they know where to aim to show their love.

#2 Rubbing their head against yours isn’t a call to fight, it’s a sign of affection.

#3 Your kitty squints its eyes while looking at you because your greatness blinds them.

#4 Get a free massage for no reason from your kitten because they love you.

#5 Cats also understand the idea of “follow me” and perform it perfectly.

#6 They rush immediately to you after hearing, “I’m at home!” Of course, they’re hungry, but they also missed you terribly.

#7 Your kitty cares about you and won’t let you starve. So be polite and take the mouse graciously.

#8 Your pet is ready to get scratched by you. But no one else has the right to touch this fluffy belly.

#9 Sleeping on your clothes is sweeter and it doesn’t matter how much time you need to remove all the fur after this.

#10 Your cat sleeps with you since you’re a great pillow — and its beloved human, of course.

#11 Licking your hands isn’t a way to teach you about hygiene. Your cat is trying to tell you about their tender feelings.

#12 Bitting may hurt. But be strong and don’t worry, this happens due to an overabundance of loving feelings.

#13 Don’t scold your cat if they prevent you from using your gadgets. Your kitty loves you and craves your attention.

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