According to my period tracker app you’re about to die.
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“Oh duh, it’s PMS, it all makes sense now,” she mumbled through chocolate-smeared lips as the house burned behind her.
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A woman cut in front of me at the store with a box of tampons, ice cream, and wine in her cart. I wasn’t about to mess with that situation.
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I know I’m on my period because I found a yogurt in the back of my fridge I didn’t know I had and started crying
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I just said to someone “im as sad as ive ever been & don’t know why”
And on the word “why” got my period
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hard to know what’s ~pms~ and what’s ~my personality~
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Signs I’m pmsing: encouraging notes on the my cough drop wrapper made me cry
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PMSing so hard all I wanna do is beer bong some melted brownies and milk.
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Disclaimer for the world
I am pmsing
My two reactions to everything are tears or mad
Approach at your own will
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I just cried because my toaster short circuited and I’m angry when people make fun of disco. This is PMS.
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It’s PMS week and my anxiety is a 27 for basically no reason except falling hormones.
There. I feel better just owning it. Now off to eat 7 bushels of chocolate.
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“it’s not me it’s my hormones”
- me the week before, during and after my period
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“this awful feeling must be because i’m getting my period soon” – me for the three weeks leading up to my period
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You ever start your period and are like ah this makes so much sense
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Rationally speaking I’m PMSing but irrationally speaking everyone I love despises me and is plotting against me
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Eating when you’re pmsing is like a whole different experience.
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my uterus: here’s some cramps for you
me: oh so i’m gonna start my period
my uterus: no but here’s some pmsing to help you out!
me: i don’t see how that can help –
my uterus: and i’m gonna make them last for two weeks!
me: ok but is my period coming ??????
my uterus: we’ll see
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I know i’m about to get my period when my husband asks what i’m thinking for dinner and i’m like “steak, burgers, ribs, anything that once bled as i shall soon”
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A woman’s period is like once a month her body accidentally hits caps lock on her emotions
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My 7yr old sister “Do women get their periods on weekends too?”
Mom “Yes”
My 7yr old sister mutters to herself “Jesus Christ”
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