It’s illegal to turn your light on in the car. I was 29 before I learned this was a lie.
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If you tell me the truth I won’t get angry
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When they were 4, 8 & 12, I told my kids swearing was illegal until 1967, punishable, in the case of extreme swearing, by imprisonment. I did it for no other reason than to see if I could get away with it. It remains one of my finest parental achievements
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You can never wear black with blue. Because it doesn’t match and is the color of a bruise. (really mom?)
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‘Mum, this toast is burnt to bejeezus on one side and just plain bread on the other’

“It’s FRENCH toast. Shut up and eat it!”

I turned down offers of delicious French toast until I was in my mid-30s.
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When I was 6 my dad told me Bigfoot was spotted in the woods near our house & I didn’t go outside for 2 days out of pure terror (we lived in suburban New Jersey)
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I was 6. My mum told me it was illegal to feed squirrels. She just didn’t want me to go near squirrels. When I qualified as a lawyer I tried to find the relevant statute. There wasn’t one. I’d been warning people for years that they’d go to prison.
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“You can buy that when you grow up and have your own money.”
No, mom and dad, no I can’t.
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