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Was in a bookshop waiting to interview for a job there when I saw Stephen Fry shopping. I approached & we chatted. I told him I was waiting for a job interview. He insisted on waiting with me until the manager came to meet me & he told her she simply must hire me. I got the job.
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My daughter & I walked by Maya Angelou at her table on the way to the loo at a quiet hotel restaurant and as we paused, she locked eyes with my cherubic toddler, and said with her distinctive deep voice
“I’ve written a lot of poems in my life but none of them as beautiful as you”
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I had always joked I loved Alan Rickman’s voice so much that would listen to him read a menu.
Then I sat next to Alan Rickman in a restaurant and heard him read a menu.
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I mistook Morgan Freeman for a friend of my parents when he said hi in a queue at the bank, and spent 10 minutes filling him in on my mum’s health. He was engaged and charming throughout. The teller asked how I knew him; I looked over in shock and he grinned and winked
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When I was a kid, my dad took me to a Black Panther-sponsored talk by Muhammad Ali. We were the only two white people there. Ali shook my hand and said it was nice to see a little white boy there. Never forgot it.
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Victoria Beckham backed into me with her Range Rover as I walked by. I fell, but mostly bc of my own clumsiness. When she and David jumped out, she asked if I was okay. I said “I’m fine, I just tripped,” David said “Yeah, because she bloody hit you!” They’re insanely pretty.
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In an elevator with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his bodyguards. The elevator stops unexpectedly. There’s a pause. Then Arnold jokes that if we were in one of his movies, this is when the terrorists attack, and we’re all expendable.
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In an elevator. Billy Crystal and Robin Williams get on. Billy sees my press credential and we chat about baseball. I tell him I love Princess Bride. After a second, Robin says, “You don’t love any of my fu*king movies?” I’m horrified. Then he bursts out laughing. “Got you, pal.”
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Benedict Cumberbatch was in my town to film a movie. We were at a private event together and I told him he looked like he needed to dance. He agreed. We danced. I’ve been on cloud 9 for the last 6 years.
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Meeting Gonzo from the Muppets. I shook his hand. He told me I was very realistic.
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Sat next to Ryan Gosling at a Broadway play. Didn’t recognize him until we were chatting at intermission. My face registered that because he laughed & said, “you just figured out who I am”. I nodded. He grinned and said, “Clearly you don’t spend enough time on Pinterest”
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In high school, my girlfriend and I were low on gas near Miami. We pulled into a gas station and a pickup truck pulled up and nearly hit us. I glimpsed the bald man driving, and yelled out, “Nice driving, Bruce Willis!” A horrified Bruce Willis gazed at me and drove away.
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My first job was working at Godiva Chocolates in the lobby of the St. Regis Hotel in NYC There was a delivery order inside the hotel, and when I brought it upstairs and knocked on the door, Salvador Dali answered.
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In elevator going 2 the doctor, someone throws a hand in as the doors close & it’s Robin Williams. In shock I say “what are YOU doing in my elevator?!” He looks around deadpan – is your name on this? I can buy an elevator? We laugh, he was going to my doc also! Funniest appt ever
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I was sitting in a cafe with my mom and wearing a hat I had made. Arnold Schwarzenegger came up and said, “Dat’s a wonderful hat.” Then he looked at my mom and said, “Isn’t dat a wonderful hat?”
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My friend once met Jack Black in the gas station(?) of a small mountain town. My friend was singing Fat Bottomed Girls, and apparently Jack just jumped right in with him while standing in line. Still crazy jealous of that one.
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Outside a bathroom at Disneyland, Lindsay Lohan noticed my daughter, who was upset about her new braces. Lindsay told my daughter that she thought braces were cool and how fun it is to get the bands changed. I always had a special place in my heart for her after that.
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