Recently, photographer Paul Clarke asked his followers, “What’s the most ordinary thing you’ve never done?” And these responses will leave you shocked.

paul_clarke / Via

Here are some things people haven’t done that’ll have you questioning what they’ve been doing all their lives:

#1 Tasted this morning beverage
I have never drunk a cup of tea
marxculture / Via

#2 Had this dairy delight
Never eaten cheese.
sharonodea / Via

#3 This dairy no-so-delight
I’ve never eaten cottage cheese.
lindsey_forde / Via

#4 Partook in this potty pastime
Read anything in bathroom while on the toilet
Ibtbanksy / Via

#5 Watched these iconic sitcoms
Never seen Friends, Frasier, or Seinfeld
walnutsmilez / Via

#6 Enjoyed this sports treasure
Never watched a game of football. Don’t even know the rules. I thought I could name 3 football players, but it turns out David Beckham has retired and George Best is dead, so I’m down to Wayne Rooney.
RussInCheshire / Via

#7 Sobbed at this tearjerker
I’ve never seen Titanic.
Allycrighton / Via

#8 Grubbed at this tasty establishment
Never eaten a McDonald’s. I’m 52.
LittleBritFirst / Via

#9 Experienced this galaxy far, far away
I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars films
(Not a requirement for an astrophysics PhD, thankfully)
SamNLindsay / Via

#10 Wasted time on this social media site
Been on facebook or even seen what its user interface or whatever it’s called looks like
MarinaHyde / Via

#11 Enjoyed this delicious fruit in its natural form
Never eaten an apple (raw, I like apple pie)
Smashmore86 / Via

#12 Experienced this absolutely awful ordeal
I’ve never had a hangover.
ayymanduh / Via

#13 Heard the start-up sound for these devices
Never used an X Box or Playstation.
WFC1963A / Via

#14 Struggled with this vehicle mishap
Never changed a car tyre. Not exactly proud, it just hasn’t come up.
nattusrattus / Via

#15 Felt the fleeting rush this piece of paper gives you
I’ve never bought a lottery ticket.
stefanstern / Via

#16 Watched this dreadfully long film that was a requirement for most
I graduated film school without seeing Citizen Kane. Still haven’t.
Foggy_Blues / Via

#17 Frolicked around in this sub-zero climate
I’ve never played in snow.
AshleyFrankly / Via

#18 Felt the pain of this anatomical phenomenon
Never broken a bone
WhileBillSleeps / Via

#19 Owned this plastic accessory
Never owned a credit card.
hiartzpress / Via

#20 Done this…which, frankly, I do not understand
I am a millennial that has never ordered an item off amazon
tthomps7 / Via

And finally, done this
Never watched Game of Thrones
Thing I might be the only one
DavidWGeee / Via

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